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Dick Clarke & Me For the record, I worked for Richard Clarke, of Against All Enemies and 9/11 commission fame, for two years when he was Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs, from 1988 to 1990 on missile proliferation.… Read More »

World Court Decision and US Adherence to the Vienna Convention As a former Foreign Service officer, I am pleased that the World Court has ordered American courts to review the death sentences of 51 Mexicans who have been sentenced to… Read More »

Kerry, Bush and Vietnam It will probably be pretty clear that I am not a George W. Bush fan, mainly because of his use of “pre-emptive” war. War is such a serious thing that it should not be entered into… Read More »

Is Bush a Nice Man? I was very pleased when Jon Stewart asked Karen Hughes on the Daily Show on March 31 why President Bush is so mean. Of course, her answer was that he’s not mean, but he certainly… Read More »

Non-Proliferation Experience I spent a considerable part of my State Department career working on non-proliferation matters, either nuclear proliferation or missile proliferation. I never worked specifically on chemical or biological weapons proliferation. President Reagan was elected after I had been… Read More »