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Spy In The Pentagon Raises Serious Policy and Loyalty Issues

The fact that many of those arguing for war in Iraq were Jews has been crystalized by the reports of security breaches by Pentagon officer Larry Franklin, who reportedly passed classified information to Israel via AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Many of the neoconservatives, particularly those connected with the American Enterprise Institute, such as Richard Perle, were Jews. Apparently Franklin is not a Jew, but a strong supporter of Israel.

Recent news reports say that AIPAC has been under investigation for years because of national security concerns, presumably something to do with Israel. This indicates that while AIPAC is supposed to be an American organization, it was suspected by the FBI of more sinister activities against the interests of the US. Also, one report said that despite Israel’s denials, the US is a principle focus of Israel’s intelligence efforts. Dennis Ross, who was the chief US negotiator for the Middle East under both Presidents Bush I and Clinton, now apparently works for AIPAC. So, who has he really been working for during the last 10 or 12 years?

A Wall Street Journal editorial on September 1 said of the scandal, “Nor is it part of a Zionist conspiracy run by Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith.” It went on to criticize the original CBS News report about Franklin’s ties to Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith. The editorial said, “You don’t need a secret decoder ring to know that this sentence [in the CBS report] is meant as a bit of innuendo against the Pentagon’s ‘neoconservatives,’ who in this case happen to be Jewish (though Mr. Franklin is not).”

I totally disagree with the Wall Street Journal but compliment it for crystalizing the issues. It does look like Feith is running a Zionist conspiracy made up of neoconservatives, both Jewish and Gentile, that is not in the best interests of the US.

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