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My Anti-Bush is Nader

The Democrats think their call for anybody but Bush means voting for Kerry. But for me it means voting for Nader. I don’t like Bush, but I don’t like Kerry either. Why I don’t like Bush should be pretty clear from other postings on this blog.

There are two main reasons that I don’t like Kerry. As a Vietnam veteran, I didn’t like his accusations that all Vietnam vets are war criminals, although his campaign says that he didn’t believe this, that he was just reporting what other people said at some Detroit anti-war conference. I don’t buy it. He may not have believed it, but he was using those accusations, which were well received by the left in those days to advance his career. It obviously worked; he’s the Democrats’ candidate for President.

The second reason I don’t like Kerry is his position on the Middle East. The main reason for the unrest in the Middle East is Israel, and America’s unquestioning support for Ariel Sharon. George Bush’s obsequious, puppy-like devotion to Sharon’s every whim is embarrassing to the United States. The latest is Dov Weisglass’ statement that Sharon’s Gaza policy is intended to freeze the peace process, and Bush’s cowardly acceptance of it. Unfortunately, Kerry’s position on Israel, as on Iraq, is almost identical to Bush’s. In Israel, it appears that there is some lively debate about Sharon’s hard line policy. In America, the Jewish community is solidly behind Sharon, which apparently means that both major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, unquestioningly support his bloodly, oppressive policies. Senator Edward’s answer to Gwin Ifill’s question on Israel during the Vice Presidential debate showed how devoted they are to Israel regardless of Israel’s persecution of the Palestinians.

So, Nader is my man.

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