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America’s Relations with Pakistan Deteriorating

Pakistan is an important country to the US because it is an important ally in fighting terrorists in Afghanistan (who may live part-time in Pakistan), and it has nuclear weapons, the technology for which it has been willing in the past to sell to the highest bidder.

Despite the Bush administration’s efforts to build lines of communication and friendship with Pakistan, the Los Angeles Times reports as a headline that “In Pakistan, U.S. Policies Foster Suspicion and Hatred.” The article quotes several Pakistanis who used to be favorable to the US. About one, who enjoyed living in New York, the article says that now, “…With each passing day, Hamid’s empathy is eroding. He believes that the Bush administration, by pursuing a foreign policy fixated on security, is turning a legitimate battle against terrorism into a campaign of hatred against Muslims…. Hamid said that in a country squeezed between Musharraf, a general who seized power in 1999, and Islamic extremists, there is little room for Western-educated moderates.”

According to another source, “‘I personally feel Americans are losing friends in Pakistan very, very rapidly,’ said Shah Mahmood Qureshi, deputy parliamentary leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, whose exiled leader, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, was a close U.S. ally. ‘When the realization finally comes, it’ll be too late.'”

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