According to the Washington Post, most of the world, except for Russia, Israel, and a few other countries, was disappointed by President Bush’s re-election. The disappointed Canadians are a poignant example, since they share a lot with us, but apparently not many of our “values,” which are supposed to be one of the main reasons for Bush’s re-election. Most Canadians — as well as the French and Germans — come from Christan backgrounds. Martin Luther was German. But I guess they don’t have the right kind of Christian morals for Bush and company.

One test for me will be what happens in Fallujah. If Bush is going to be the strong, brave leader that he was apparently elected to be, then he has to work out the future of Iraq, which in large part depends on what happens in Fallujah and other cities in the Sunni triangle. Iraqi elections scheduled for January will be virtually worthless if the Sunni triangle does not participate meaningfully.

If the Marines can’t break the rebellion quickly by winning the Sunnis’ hearts and minds, then they need to break it quickly with an iron fist, which may mean significant casualties. The question is whether Bush is willing to accept the casualties. The casualties may not come, because our other attacks, in the first Iraq war as in this one, have often been met by a stealthy melting away of the enemy, but you have to prepare for resistance if you attack.

The problem is highlighted by the headline of an article in the San Jose Mercury about the impending attack on Fallujah: “Marines’ center symbolic of failed plans in Iraq.” It says, “When the Marines arrived in Fallujah last March, they planned to win hearts and minds by learning Iraqi customs, sipping tea with local leaders and handing out candy and soccer balls while on foot patrol. But the liaison office is now more an outpost in enemy territory than the outreach center it was intended to be.”

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