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Osama bin Laden and Baptists Agree On Morals

Until I read comments by Oklahoma candidate for the US Senate Brad Carson in the New Republic, it didn’t strike home to me how similar the moral attitudes of conservative Christians are to Osama bin Laden’s. The article was recommended in the MyDD blog.

Carson says that after he addressed the congregation, “the pastor launched into an attack on the ‘pro-choice terrorists,’ who were, to his mind, far more dangerous than Al Qaida.” While it has become something of a Democratic theme, it does somewhat appear that the conservatives espouse a viewpoint more like the pre-Enlightenment Middle Ages than current Western thinking. Carson says, “The culture war is real, and it is a conflict not merely about some particular policy or legislative item, but about modernity itself.” Both the Baptists and bin Laden seem opposed to modernity…. The voters aren’t deluded or uneducated. They simply reject the notion that material concerns are more real than spiritual or cultural ones.”

Ironically, Bush’s “moral values” base shares bin Laden’s view that economics are unimportant, that moral values must be restored at any cost. Even more ironically, Bush takes advantage of this viewpoint by pandering to the other part of his base, the majority of the wealthy in this country by giving them tons of Federal Government largesse in the form of tax breaks, government subsidies, and government contracts.

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