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White House States It Is at War with Russia

If we thought that Bush was still getting along with Putin — despite the claim of a new strategic missile, despite cracking down on the Yukos oil company and other oligarchs, despite centralizing Russian power after terrorist attacks, and despite interfering in the Ukrainian elections — it’s now clear that the Bush-Putin love affair is over. When Venezuela said it might buy MiG jets, a White House official traveling with Bush in Canada said, “Let me put it this way: We shoot down MiGs.” So, Russia is the enemy again. America is out to destroy Russian military aircraft, whenever and wherever found.

However, the White House later backed away from its bellicose remarks. According to reports, “A White House National Security Council spokesman later sought to clarify the official’s remarks. ‘It’s clearly an issue that we would monitor,’ Sean McCormack said. ‘He didn’t mean to imply anything more or less.'”

I wonder who “he” is.

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