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Prince Harry Should Visit British World War II Graves

Wearing a Nazi arm band won Britain’s Prince Harry criticism from Jewish groups the world over, but why should he put Jewish deaths in Germany and Poland ahead of British ones closer to home? I agree with this letter to the editor in the Toronto Star that if he is going to do some kind of penace, he should visit British cemeteries first.

Secondly, he should consider what the proper response is in a Christian nation. Jews reject the New Testament with Jesus’ teachings about forgiveness and loving your enemies. George Bush has been talking lately about how much he has learned from the closeness between Japan and the US, despite World War II. In fact, had George been paying closer attention, he would have seen that the US and its allies, after punishing war criminals, almost immediately embarked on a path of forgiveness in Germany and Japan. Christian principles aside, the West saw that it’s lack of forgiveness after World War I led inexorably to World War II.

Along this line, it was interesting that one commentator after Bush’s inaugural speech today said that he had tried to evoke Woodrow Wilson (as well as Truman, Reagan, and others). Wilson virtually killed himself campaigning unsuccessfully for the League of Nations after World War I. The failure of the League of Nations, due in large part to the failure of the US to participate, was an important contributing factor toward World War II. Bush and his Administration seem to hate the League of Nations’ successor, the United Nations, just as Wilson’s opponents hated the League. It appears to me that Bush has rejected the lessons learned from both World War I (when we got it wrong) and World War II (when we got it right).

Hopefully Prince Harry will be a better student of world affairs than George W. Bush.

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