Bush’s advisors tried to change the “war on terror” into a “global struggle against violent extremism,” but Bush himself isn’t buying it. Bush wants to be a war president. The fact that we are not clearly winning the war is apparently less important than being at war. The military appears to be uncomfortable with being in charge of the war on terror. Rumsfeld and his four star lackeys led the charge to change the name from war to struggle.

Karl Rove made fun of “liberals” who thought that the police, rather than the military, had to be the front line against terrorism. Rove said that after the 9/11 attacks, liberals, “wanted to prepare indictments, therapy and understanding” for the attackers. Rove clearly thought indictments were useless, but after the London underground bombings, Tony Blair didn’t declare war on any new countries, as Bush declared war on Iraq. Rather, Blair has increased the role of the British police in fighting terrorism. No doubt Rove ridicules Blair and the British people in private, despite the fact that the British bombers appear to be home grown in Britain, rather than people who have come from the Middle East specifically to carry out the bombings.

Bush has no clue what he’s doing, or what needs to be done to protect the American people, but he knows that he likes being a war president. By the way, how’s the war in Iraq going these days? How many American military have been killed? How many innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed? How much better is life for the average Iraqi? How democratic is the new Iraqi government under the new constitution going to be?

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