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Condi Rice’s Oil Connections

With all the outrage about Exxon CEO Lee Raymond getting a $400 million retirement package, it’s worth remembering Secretary of State Condi Rice’s ties to the oil industry. She was a director of Chevron for ten years, from 1991 to 2001. She had a Chevron tanker named after her; however, the “Condoleeza Rice” was renamed the “Altair Voyager” shortly after she was named President Bush’s National Security Adviser in 2001. Along with Bush’s and Cheney’s ties to the oil industry, the San Francisco Chronicle reported: “But critics said the ship served as a giant floating symbol of the Bush administration’s cozy ties to the oil industry.” Any questions why gas is approaching $3.00 a gallon and why VP Dick Cheney made $8 million last year?

If Exxon can pay $400 million for one man’s retirement, and Chevron can build a Condi Rice tanker, you’d think somebody could afford to build a new oil refinery in the US. But apparently when you’re a big shot investing money in your oil company has a low priority. The top priority is to get yours, pay yourself lots of money! Stockholders and consumers take 2nd or 3rd place, much less doing anything for your country. Poor America. Those she makes rich curse her.

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