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Are US Troops Top Notch? Send the Bush Girls!

Kerry is trying to back away from his remarks about the educational level of US troops, according to the Washington Post. Kerry claims he was talking about Bush’s poor education, not the troops, but Bush had a good education — boarding school, Yale, Harvard MBA. Either he is stupid and graduated because of his family connections, or he’s not stupid, but acts like he is. On the other hand, because of difficulty filling the ranks, the Pentagon continually reduces the standards for accepting new recruits.

The poor educational and cultural level of the troops is no doubt linked to the atrocities at Abu Ghraib and the various murders and rapes that are being investigated. We have the best troops that our trailer parks and Wal Mart customers can supply.

If Bush thinks the war in Iraq is so crucial to US survival, why haven’t his own daughters joined one of the services and gone to Iraq? If that’s the highest calling there is, as he claims, why shouldn’t they go? He can’t even convince them that the war is important.

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