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International Jewry Attacks Carter for Palestine Book

A former director of the Carter Center, Kenneth Stein, has attacked former President Jimmy Carter’s new book about Palestine, according to The New York Times. It sounds like Carter’s book is critical of Israel, and therefore Israel will gin up its global propaganda machine to oppose it. I don’t know, but Ken Stein sounds Jewish. On CNN or some news channel, I saw that he has also enlisted Dennis Ross, the State Department’s old Middle East negotiator, who is definitely Jewish. They claim that Carter lifted maps from Ross’ book. I could be, but I’m sure that if it is so, Carter did not do it deliberately. One of his researchers may have found the maps and thought they were in the public domain, which in fact they may be, depending on where they came from originally. The NYT article also carries criticisms from Alan Dershowitz, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center (surprise, surprise). Wouldn’t it just be easier to run some kind of joint statement like, “Jews hate Jimmy Carter for his book on Palestine.”

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