Just a note of three recent articles:

Does Abe Foxman Have an Anti-Anti-Semite Problem?” from the NYT Magazine yesterday, which says, “…Colin Powell … links President Bush’s Middle East policy more to Jewish-neoconservative influence than to principle.” And Foxman says, “One out of three people in these United States believes that the Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the U.S…. That’s a classic anti-Semitic canard.” The article’s author says, “I asked [Foxman] isn’t slinging the dread charge of anti-Semitism at people like Jimmy Carter and Tony Judt and Mearsheimer and Walt really a way of choking off debate? ‘No, it isn’t,’ Foxman said…. I asked if it was really right to call Carter, the president who negotiated the Camp David accords, an anti-Semite. Foxman replied, ‘I didn’t call him an anti-Semite.’ ‘But you said he was bigoted. Isn’t that the same thing?’ ‘No, “Bigoted” is you have preconceived notions about things.'”

Fury Over Delegate’s Remarks on Slavery” from the Washington Post. Virginia state delegate Frank Hargrove criticized a proposal for the state to issue an apology for slavery, likening it to requiring Jews to apologize for “killing Christ.” The ADL (Abe Foxman) condemned Hargrove’s comments about Jews.

The Neo-Cons Route to Disaster,” from the Financial Times, which says, “The neo-cons stand accused of many errors: imperialism, Leninism, Trotskyism (New York school), militarism. Some believe that the real problem is that so many of them are Jewish – this is an alarmingly popular theme, to judge by my e-mails. But the problem with the neo-cons is not that so many of them are Jews. The problem is that so many of them are journalists.”

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