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Greedy Bush

I’ve had it with Bush. I now believe that Bush and Cheney were put into the job by the “powers that be” to reduce taxes and otherwise make it easy on the rich. I don’t really know who the “powers that be” are, but they are rich. There is a columnist in the Denver Post, Ed Quillen, who writes humorously about the “Committee that Really Runs America,” which is I’m sure connected to the “powers that be.”

Bush’s job was to reduce taxes and give government subsidies to the rich who elected him. He got thrown off his agenda, however, when the terrorists attacked the US. As a cowardly draft dodger, responding to terrorists was not in his nature. So, he and Cheney, on the advice of a bunch of Jews at the upper levels of the administration, decided to invade Iraq to show how brave and resolute they were. The problem was that they were neither brave nor resolute and walked into a giant tar pit that threatens to keep America mired in combat for years.

Meanwhile, though, they have continued to carry out the task for which they were elected (or almost elected and then selected by the Supreme Court, which also usually answers to the “powers that be”). So, there is no sacrifice called for to support the war in Iraq, because Bush was elected to reduce sacrifice, not increase it. He has betrayed America for money. I think a lot of it is Jew money, but who knows. Certainly a lot of it is gentile money — the Wal-Mart and Mars candy people, who want to get rid of the estate tax, for example. A lot of the gentile money, however, does not support this effort — Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and a lot of old money, like the Rockefellers, for example. Some Jews don’t either, like George Soros and some of the other big Jewish contributors to the Democratic party.

But George Bush has stuck to his guns, giving tax cuts despite the terrorist attacks, and America is the worse for it. I’m sure that Bush expects in return to be cared for by these fat cats for the rest of his life, but it seems like you don’t really have to sell your soul for money after being President. Clinton and Bush I have made plenty of money from speaking engagements, and Bush II could, too. Maybe he is worried that he is so stupid that even the fat cats wouldn’t pay to hear him speak. Basically, as President he only speaks to people in uniform who are ordered to go listen to him, and they don’t make much money.

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