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Tony Snow & Average Americans

Tony Snow said he is leaving as spokesman for the White House because he can’t live on a salary of $168,000 per year, according to the Washington Post. If the average salary is something like $50,000 per year, what does this say to average people? Inflation is crazy out of control; people in hedge funds and private equity are making thousands of times more than average people, according to the Kansas City Star. Salaries in wealthy sectors are going up so fast that the government can’t hope to keep up, especially when taxes on the rich people making these obscene salaries are going down instead of up.

And what does Tony Snow’s resignation say about government service. For Snow, working for $168,000 a year was a tremendous sacrifice that he wouldn’t continue. What about an enlisted man serving in Iraq? I don’t know what he makes, but it’s a lot less than $168,000 per year. Of course the deep pockets Republican sector is hiring the best special forces soldiers away from the military at something like Tony Snow’s government salary to serve in the private security services in Iraq, such as Blackwater, Triple Canopy and their ilk.

It’s pretty clear that Republicans and maybe most Americans of any political persuasion, love money more than they love their country.

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