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Few Veterans in New York

On Veterans Day, the NYT noted that New York has the lowest percentage of veterans of any state in the union.

I would have thought this, but I would have thought that I was prejudiced for thinking it. I think Wall Street is one of the most unpatriotic streets in America. It’s a street of greed, a street that says, “Send some rednecks to die in Iraq and Afghanistan for us.” And as a further note of prejudice, New York is full of Jews. Jews did fight in World War II — Norman Mailer is an example — but they don’t fight so much now. They pay Anglos and other ethnics to go fight for them, while they stay on Wall Street and get rich.

They don’t have a monopoly on this attitude; Mitt Romney did the same thing. Being a Mormon missionary in France is not equivalent to being an infantryman in Vietnam. Sorry, Mitt, I’m prejudiced on this issue, too. But Mitt’s the exception for Mormons, many of whom did and do serve in the military. Jews tend to fight for Israel, not for America, even if they are born in America. Mitt, of course, has another problem, which is that after he got back from France, he went into the private equity business with Bain Capital, where he did not pay a tax rate as high as most working men and women, while he was becoming a millionaire. Romney does not love America enough to pay his fair share of taxes.

So, the leading presidential candidates for both parties come from New York — Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, with Mike Bloomberg waiting in the wings — but their state is the least patriotic state, despite Rudy’s claim to 9/11 fame. More and more there seem to be two (or more) Americas who don’t talk to each other.

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