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Bush Lessens US Standing in the World

The Financial Times had an excellent editorial saying that the US needs to make some more friends in the world to help it achieve its objectives. Bush loves to stick his finger in other countries’ eyes and call for regime change, but it doesn’t work that well, as Iraq illustrates. This editorial is apparently based on a a report by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies. It says, “One of the chief casualties of the Bush administration’s foreign and security policies has been US standing in the world. This loss of reputation matters. In testing the limits of its ‘hard power’, the administration has sacrificed precious ‘soft power’ resources too. It hurts the country that so many people around the world no longer trust it to act responsibly, and that (according to a recent BBC poll of 26,000 people in 25 countries) one in two says the US is playing a mainly negative role in the world.”

It adds, “Dethrone the ‘war on terror’ as the organising principle of US action – not because containing terrorism is unimportant, but because subordinating everything to that aim makes it harder to achieve.”

But in general, even of the this report, the FT says, “there is a whiff of hubris about it.”

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