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Republicans Are the New Communists

Rice’s decision to call the US’s UN Amb. Khalilzad on the carpet, as reported by Reuters, for appearing publicly with the Iranian ambassador at Davos smacks of the old Communist methods. Condi should know them well, since she used to be a Soviet analyst. She was probably under pressure from the right-wing apparatchiks like John Bolton, who emulate the methods of the old Soviet Union to maintain thought control.

While on the subject of X is the new Y, it looks like Israelis are the new Nazis. The turmoil in Gaza, with imprisoned Palestinians breaking out into Egypt, has shown that Gaza is the new Warsaw ghetto. Jews have all kinds of racist profiling methods that they use against Palestinians and other Arabs, but locking them in the Gaza ghetto is clearly reminiscent of Nazi policies against Jews during World War II. The race hatred that is seething in Israel is hard to fathom.

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