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Bill Kristol’s Patriotism

Bill Kristol’s op-ed in the NYT criticizes Barak Obama for making a point of not wearing a flag pin in his lapel. I guess the NYT is printing Kristol to show how open minded it is. It just happens that I agree with Obama on this issue. In the old days when American presidents were patriots they earned military decorations, and chose to wear them or not, depending on their personal attitudes toward public displays.

The most notable example is probably President Lyndon Johnson’s Silver Star, a lapel pin that he wore most of his life, although it was probably undeserved. See this CNN story. Many true heros feel no compunction to wear their decoration, believing modestly that their actions were more important than any display. Because most of the politicians in Washington today were cowards who failed to serve their country, they don’t have any military decoration to wear and therefore have chosen to wear the flag. No modesty for the Republicans!

I’m guessing that Bill Kristol is not a combat veteran, and probably not a veteran at all. He’s a flag man, and a typical Republican coward, who has no hesitation about sending our troops to fight in Iraq, although he would not go himself. Barak Obama shows his patriotism and courage by standing up to cowardly bullies like Bill Kristol.

I still have bad memories of seeing Zbigniew Brzezinski introduce Vice President Al Gore to an audience of Polish World War II veterans at the Ambassador’s residence in Warsaw, Poland. Brzezinski introduced Gore as a Vietnam veteran. The Polish veterans greeted the introduction with applause, but the Americans murmured, “Doesn’t he know that President Clinton didn’t serve in the military?” Military service is no longer admired in the US, especially by slackers like William Kristol.

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