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American-Israeli Pundits

In his blog, Patrick Lang takes on David Brooks’ column in the NYT. I always liked Col. Lang’s commentary on PBS, and I was happy to find his blog. Brooks is one of the more intelligent conservative columnists; so, it’s disturbing when a reasonable moderate like Lang finds: “David Brooks is not an editorial columnist. He is a propagandist for the hard right in this country and in Israel.” If this is Brooks, then what about a wild man like Charles Krauthammer. There’s a more reasonable piece in the WP by James Rubin, but must the entire commentariat be Jewish? I definitely suspect their loyalty to the US, in that I believe they are more concerned about Israel’s security than about America’s. But it’s arguable that that is a legitimate perspective for a 100% American. It’s just not my perspective. I think the “I” by Sen. Joe Lieberman’s party affiliation means “Israeli” not “Independent.”

Just for the record, I am outraged at Bush’s comments in Israel about an appeasement Senator (read Obama) who is the current day Neville Chamberlain. Bush should not have taken domestic politics overseas, although Republicans probably view Israel as a 51st state; maybe Democrats do, too. I don’t, and so I thought his comments were extremely inappropriate. But it shows how much Jews control American foreign policy, and tilt it toward Israel. Bush probably raked in millions for the RNC and McCain by his comments.

MSNBC had a stupid but telling segment on Hardball, where Chris Matthews asked some apologist for Bush what Chamberlain did that was so bad. The apologist didn’t know, but wouldn’t admit that he didn’t know. Matthews finally said that it was that Chamberlain agreed to Hitler’s military occupation of Czechoslovakia, not that Chamberlain advocated talking to Hitler. McCain prostituted himself by buying into Bush’s comments, but he will get lots of Jew money for doing so, and he needs money. But that’s what prostitutes are: people who sell themselves for money.

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