Col. Pat Lang’s blog has an excellent posting on the fact that Israel’s and America’s interests are not identical. Unfortunately it’s true that many Americans see Israel as a 51st state. This worries me, because people perceive politicians who are fervently pro-Israel, such as Joe Lieberman, as fervently pro-American, but those stands may not be reconcilable.

John McCain should be careful about embracing Lieberman too closely; he may be embracing anti-American interests. It would be ironic if McCain, who holds himself out as the ultimate American patriot, were actually subjugating America’s best interests to those of another country — Israel. This is not an academic exercise. We probably invaded Iraq at least in part because of Israeli/Jewish/AIPAC influence. George W. Bush’s hatred of his father and desire to show up Bush I’s failure to depose Saddam in the first Iraq War was certainly another important factor. Now will we invade Iran, or support an Israeli attack on Iran, because of the same Israeli pressures? McCain is a hawk on both Iraq and Iran. While these beliefs are certainly genuinely held by him as in America’s best interest, is he being hoodwinked to believing that everything in Israel’s best interest is also in America’s? McCain may be too gullible; as Lang points out, Israel and America have different interests.

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