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Obama Wins v. Bush

Obama’s triumphal tour of the world shows that foreigners don’t hate Americans; they hate George Bush and maybe most Republicans. Bush likes to stick his finger in other nations’ eyes. Remember the invasion of Iraq? Remember ignoring the UN investigation of WMD in Iraq? Remember freedom fries? Remember old Europe? Remember Abu Ghraib? Bush, and maybe a lot of Americans who support him, hate foreigners.

Bush is low-class, trailer park trash, ill-bred, impolite, not a man you would like to associate with, unless you were going to grab somebody off the street and torture them. He’s not stupid, but he’s lazy, which is worse. You can’t help being stupid; you can work hard.

McCain has accused Obama of being willing to lose a war in order to win an election. I don’t think that’s true about Obama, but I think Bush has already done that. I don’t know whether the war will be Afghanistan or Iraq, but we are not doing very well in either. Things are going better militarily in Iraq, but Iraq just got kicked out of the Olympics because of its political system. That’s not good. Our troops have fought bravely and well, but Bush doesn’t care. If he did, he would do something to give them more time at home between tours overseas. He would take better care of the wounded.

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