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Supreme Court Problems

Rick Warren asked the two candidates which Supreme Court justices they would like to get rid of. Obama said he would get rid of Clarence Thomas, my choice exactly. The problem with Thomas is not his political philosophy, although I disagree with it. The problem is that he is a second rate lawyer. He’s not smart enough, hard working enough, or something enough to be on the Supreme Court. The justices should at least come from the first rank of lawyers and judges. Clarence Thomas would be okay on a state appeals court or something, but not on the US Supreme Court. He’s just not up to the job.

Thomas is an example of the fact that Republicans like stupid people in government. Exhibit 1 – George W. Bush. Exhibit 2 – John Bolton. Exhibit 3 – Ronald Reagan. Reagan? I think he was somewhat senile for the latter part of his time in office. He thought things were true that weren’t, e.g., Cadillac driving welfare moms. It might have been true, but it wasn’t. He couldn’t name names. Republicans don’t like law. They don’t like treaties because treaties assume that nations have some respect for international law, and Republicans don’t. They don’t like to pay taxes. They don’t like anything that hinders their options. This is not new. It’s basically how the warlords in Afghanistan operate and how despots have operated for years. The West moved beyond this, but now we’re going back to the Middle Ages, led by George W. Bush and Clarence Thomas.

When McCain was asked which justices he would get rid of, he just named all the liberal justices. He showed no real thought, and that’s what Republicans like. They like McCain better in 2008 than in 2000 because he’s more senile. He won’t stand in the way of their unbounded greed and selfishness.

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