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McCain Hides Behind POW Experience

I’ve had it with McCain’s touting of his POW experience as the answer to every question, particularly to how many houses he has. Jay Leno was the final chapter for me, when McCain said he wasn’t concerned about how many houses he had because he didn’t have a house while he was a POW. Maybe not, but he had a wife, and he dumped her for Cindy not long after he got back. Cindy was the Paris Hilton of her day, an heiress with a hot body. McCain latched on to her pretty fast, before he got around to divorcing his first wife.

But what about being a POW? It’s honorable, but several levels below the highest sacrifice for one’s country. Obviously the greatest sacrifice is to die for your country. Why doesn’t McCain talk about the pilots who died when they were shot down over North Vietnam? Maybe because that makes him look bad. Then there are those who don’t surrender. They don’t end up as POWs. They probably end up dead, too. Finally there are the POWs who try to escape. Maybe it was impossible from McCain’s prison, but it should have been an objective. Being a POW is not an option for most Army soldiers and Marines who are face to face with the enemy, as opposed to flying miles above it. For most of them surrender is not an option. What about Gen. McAuliffe’s reply to the German demand for surrender at Bastogne during World War II? “Nuts.” Becoming a POW was not an option. While many Army Air Corps troops became POWs during WW II, many also escaped and worked with the resistance in France and other occupied countries.

McCain’s father and grandfather were four-star admirals. By their standards, McCain’s Navy career was a failure. He became a senator after he took over Cindy’s money, but he couldn’t cut it in the Navy. Maybe he sees becoming commander-in-chief as a way to redeem himself in the eyes of his father and grandfather.

McCain might be the first president to have surrendered in combat.

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