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Sarah Palin’s Daughter

The almost universal hesitancy to criticize GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin and her daughter for the daughter’s pregnancy while in high school raises questions about how Republicans (and Americans in general) feel about women. One the one hand, Palin’s selection by McCain seems to indicate that Republicans think women are ready to govern. On the other hand, by saying that it’s okay to get pregnant in high school, they are saying, “We like our women barefoot and pregnant. Women don’t need no education. Just keep turning out them babies.” But if they happen to get through high school and college, then they are qualified to be vice president.

Which is it Republicans? McCain might say, “Hey, women don’t need education. Just look at Cindy. She’s a total airhead. All women need is a big inheritance. I dumped my first wife because she didn’t have one, and she wasn’t as hot looking as Cindy.”

I’m glad Obama doesn’t say impolite stuff like this, but I am sincerely disappointed that McCain has turned out to be such a sleazebag.

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