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Letter to the President

I have just read that the government is going to bail out AIG. At this point there may be no alternative if our financial system is going to survive. But you have presided over a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the super-wealthy upper class. Under the Bush administration taxes were reduced on the upper classes to the lowest rates in generations, beginning the transfer of wealth. What thanks did we get? The rich virtually destroyed the financial system. But to (hopefully) avoid the total destruction of the financial system, the government has undertaken a further massive transfer of wealth to the rich to bail out their investments. As they say, you have privatized the gains and socialized the losses. You have negated “moral hazard.”

The United States is significantly weaker than it was before the financial crisis. By failing to control the greed on Wall Street, you have undermined our national security, while poor rednecks are fighting two wars far from our shores. The government has betrayed our soldiers. Because of low taxes, particularly on dividends, capital gains, and other investments, the rich didn’t even contribute their fair share to fighting the wars. This bailout is now being done with money borrowed from China, the Middle East, and Europe, most of which will have to be repaid by our children and grandchildren, although I suspect that at some point the government will let inflation run wild so that we can repay today’s huge debts with tomorrow’s worthless dollars.

The government’s further contribution has been to run an expansionary fiscal policy of low taxes and deficit spending during years when the economy was not so bad. The Bush administration inherited a budget in surplus. Now, with the economy in shambles, it will probably be difficult to raise taxes for years to come, making the obscenely wealthy even more obscenely wealthy and virtually destroying the middle class. The entire burden of dealing with the financial debacle has fallen on monetary policy managed by the Fed and Treasury, because corruption and incompetence have destroyed the usefulness of fiscal policy.

On 9/11/2001 Osama bin Laden tried to destroy the U.S. financial system by attacking the World Trade towers. He failed. In September 2008, you finished the job for him. I’m sure Osama is rejoicing and thanking you in his cave.

I am outraged. You have failed America! You should hang your head in shame!

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