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A Bridge Loan Too Far

Paulson and company have decided to insure money market accounts up to $50 billion. That’s too much for me. Granted, a couple of money market funds have “broken the buck” and have lost so much money that they can’t return a dollar for every dollar invested. So, Paulson will make up the difference. And in the process he will destroy regular, hometown commercial banks. Why would anyone keep money in a low interest bank account when higher interest money market accounts are guaranteed by the government? Just debit your money market account once a month to some credit card and pay all your bills over the Internet using the credit card. Destroying local banks will, of course, move almost all banking activities to Wall Street, to the people who created this crisis through their poor management. Paulson will destroy conservative local bankers to help his risk-taking friends at Goldman, Sachs. He is truly turning the banking industry on its head, destroying the strong to help the weak.

The problem with bailing out the money market funds is that this is problem that they and their investors created themselves. There are many kinds of money market accounts: some which buy questionable corporate bonds (close to junk bond status) and pay high rates of return, and others which buy government bonds or only high quality corporate paper, and which pay lower interest. One of the funds in question is in trouble because it bought Lehman bonds. Why did it buy Lehman bonds? Because Lehman was in trouble and had to pay higher interest to get people to buy its bonds. So this fund knew it was buying risky bonds; the high interest was a dead giveaway, and the investors in the money market fund knew that they were taking a risk, because the fund was paying higher interest. Everybody involved could see there was a risk, and they decided to take it.

Now the government comes along and says, “You poor dears! Never mind your mistake, we’ll give you the money you lost.” These weren’t people who were tricked; they were just a little too greedy. They should not be bailed out, especially when it means the end of local banking as we used to know it.

So, now Paulson and Bernanke have lost my support. They are just going nuts with the government credit card. They are saying that they don’t care a whit about inflation. America is doomed to becoming a banana republic. Paulson saved his buddies at Goldman, Sachs, and he saved his own fortune which is no doubt closely tied to Goldman, Sachs fortunes. I’m guessing that Bernanke will quit the Fed soon and his Jewish friends on Wall Street will take care of him in grand style for bailing them out. America be damned!

But Nancy Pelosi can continue to wear her diamonds and South Sea pearls, and John McCain can continue to flit around in Cindy’s private Cessna Citation jet, because Paulson and Bernanke will make sure they don’t suffer any financial losses. Well, maybe Pelosi did take a $500,000 hit, but she probably won’t have to sell her pearls.

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