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McCain Bank Fails

I think it’s odd that there hasn’t been more talk about the fact that a bank connected to John McCain failed last Friday. Until shortly before its failure John McCain’s son Andrew had been a director of the Silver State… Read More »McCain Bank Fails

McCain’s Intelligence

While this Mother Jones article raises several disturbing issues, for me the worst is the connection between McCain’s main foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, and Ahmed Chalabi. This article says that Scheunemann was one of Chalabi’s acolytes, along with Cheney… Read More »McCain’s Intelligence

Terrible Campaign

I’m disappointed with myself for the previous posts criticizing McCain’s POW experience. I don’t think they are wrong, but I am mad when others, such as the Swift Boat Veterans, criticize Vietnam veterans for their service. Now, I’m criticizing McCain… Read More »Terrible Campaign

Sarah Palin’s Daughter

The almost universal hesitancy to criticize GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin and her daughter for the daughter’s pregnancy while in high school raises questions about how Republicans (and Americans in general) feel about women. One the one hand, Palin’s selection… Read More »Sarah Palin’s Daughter