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Supreme Court Problems

Rick Warren asked the two candidates which Supreme Court justices they would like to get rid of. Obama said he would get rid of Clarence Thomas, my choice exactly. The problem with Thomas is not his political philosophy, although I… Read More »Supreme Court Problems

Russia 1, US 0

Surprisingly (given its conservative bias), the Wall Street Journal says that Russia “gave the U.S. a bloody nose” in the Georgia dust up. But if Bush got a bloody nose, then John McCain got a broken nose and lost a… Read More »Russia 1, US 0

Republicans Hate America

CNN reports that the US is using contractors in Iraq more than any previous administration in any previous war. It’s because Republicans don’t like the government, and they love to give money to their political contributors, like Halliburton. But it… Read More »Republicans Hate America

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The turmoil around Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is emblematic of the greed and corruption that permeate the American government and business community. If we were to let the Republicans’ beloved free market system operate normally, their likely failure could… Read More »Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac