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Gregg Withdrawal, Patriotism and the Census

Obama has tried to form a team of rivals to deal with the national economic emergency, but the Republican rivals don’t want any part of it. Until recently my main complaint has been about John McCain, who has been a particularly ungracious loser, fighting Obama tooth and nail. I have written this off to McCain’s stupidity. He obviously doesn’t understand economics, something he demonstrated when he left his campaign to devote all of his efforts to working on the first bailout bill. He was a disaster. He clearly doesn’t understand the enormity of the problem, despite the fact that the most recent intelligence briefing listed the world economy as the greatest threat to the U.S., greater even than terrorism. You would think that McCain as an old military man would pay attention to intelligence warnings, but apparently if they contain numbers, he can’t handle it.

Now Judd Gregg has come along to supplant McCain as the leading anti-American Republican. He decided that he can’t work with Obama, despite the fact that America faces its worst economic plight in three or four generations. It looks like a patriotic American would want to do what he can to rescue America from its trials and tribulations, but not Gregg. He just wants to stick his finger in Obama’s eye and make it more difficult for Obama to try to save America.

Interestingly, one of Gregg’s main complaints was about the census. Apparently Republicans hate the census and see it as politically motivated. Joe Scarborough pointed out this morning that the 2000 census changed Georgia’s congressional delegation from being predominately white Republican to predominately black Democratic.

So, apparently the census is just a political sham unrelated to the truth about the American population. Gregg and Scarborough would argue that when the census taker or the census form arrives at your house, lie! They argue that the census is a totally dishonest, politically motivated sham. It’s another example of how Republicans hate America and discredit its institutions. Republicans don’t want no stinking census, just like they didn’t want no stinking regulation of the financial industry. As Ronald Reagan, their saint, said, government is the problem, not the solution. If American shot itself in the head, the Republicans think it would be much better off. Gregg didn’t shoot America in the head, but he did stick his finger in her eye, and John McCain loves him for it.

More seriously, Gregg probably dropped out at least partly because of pressure from his Republican colleagues, like McCain, McConnell, Graham, Shelby and various other mentally challenged Senators, who are more concerned about partisan politics than about saving America. They are counting on the fact that their fat-cat supporters have enough gold stashed away in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Luxembourg, or some other foreign haven to take care of them when the U.S. craters as a result of their obstructionism.

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