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Richard Perle’s Ineffectiveness

While the WSJ on Wednesday was publishing the op-ed bashing Amb. Chas Freeman for not being Jewish, another columnist was ridiculing Richard Perle in the WSJ for an article in The National Interest claiming that the neo-cons had no influence on George Bush. Thomas Frank says Perle claims he cannot be “held responsible for the Bush administration’s failures.” Perle has had few rivals within the US government as a Jew who was one of the most hawkish defenders of Israel. Perle’s article and his defense of it prompted the Washington Post headline, “Prince of Darkness Denies Own Existence.” It’s remarkable that men who were so powerful in George Bush’s and previous administrations are now so thoroughly discredited. William Kristol, who was VP Dan Quayle’s chief of staff, but who has now lost his column at the NYT, shares this distinction with Perle.

Richard Perle was at the pinnacle of power when he was Assistant Secretary of Defense under Reagan, where he and his minions were my nemeses, pursuing some kind of America-only foreign policy that abhorred any kind of treaty. There is a lot of schadenfreude felt here. Poor Richard! May you endure many more days of ridicule!

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