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Immoral Elites and Obama’s Cabinet

The talking heads are decrying Obama’s difficulty in filling cabinet and sub-cabinet positions. I don’t think it’s mainly Obama’s fault. The problem is the immorality and greed of the elite leaders who would normally take such positions. We see potential nominees dropping like flies because they didn’t pay their taxes. I agree with Joe Biden that paying taxes is a patriotic duty. So, if these people didn’t pay their taxes, then we know what they think of the United States. It’s me first, country second (or third or fourth or whatever).

The other problem is pay. Government salaries are peanuts to the elites who should be government leaders. This just shows how out of whack the class and pay system is in the US. Almost all the nominees have to make enormous financial sacrifices to take jobs that would pay well for the great mass of Americans. Decent men would be willing to serve their country, but today, while greed is endemic, men who hold high positions in private life are unwilling to enter public service.

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