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Republicans, Back Off on Christopher Hill

While I’m on the subject of destroying America by being obstructionist on every issue, what about the Republicans blocking the confirmation of Christopher Hill to be Ambassador to Iraq? The opposition is being led by John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two men who claim to be military patriots. This article in Foreign Affairs says that they are seriously upsetting the US military that wants an ambassador in place to take some of the burden for running Iraq off of the military.

Hill was a loyal diplomat for Bush, but because he worked on North Korea, the Republicans want his head. It’s the same kind of McCarthyism directed at the State Department that destroyed career diplomat Chas Freeman’s nomination to head of the CIA’s NIC. Republicans are just not happy unless their killing children, or getting the Israelis to do it for them. I thought John McCain was supposed to be some kind of moderate. I don’t think so. He must be extremely bitter about his loss in the Presidential election and has just decided to destroy America, since it didn’t vote for him.

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