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Republicans, Back Off on Geithner!

The Republicans need to back off on calling for Treas Sec Geithner’s head. As this FT editorial says, he deserves to be given a chance. Geithner didn’t cause this crisis, the Republicans did, with all their pro-business legislation (or lack thereof) during the last eight years. Geithner may not have covered himself with glory, but he’s working hard, and he has little help, because all the Wall Street tycoons who should be helping him in senior Treasury positions can’t or won’t because of their criminal conduct working on Wall Street.

By calling for his ouster or even by screaming criticism at him, Republicans are trying to get rid of or immobilize the captain of a ship while it is caught in a hurricane. Even it he’s not the best captain, he understands the situation, and he’s all we’ve got. We’re in a situation where we don’t even have a first mate. Calling for Geithner’s ouster is tantamount to calling for the destruction of the American economy. It’s grossly irresponsible.

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