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Why Did US Drop AIPAC Case?

The US will not prosecute the two AIPAC employees who were accused of spying on behalf of Israel. This was the case that sucked in Rep. Jane Harmon recently for promising some “Israeli agent” that she would try to protect them from prosecution.

It was always a strange case and a surprise that the US would actually treat Israel as a foreign country that spied on the US, despite the experience of the Israel attack on the NSA spy ship Liberty in 1967. So, it’s not really a surprise that the US is dropping the case, but the question is why?

Is it because AIPAC and the Jews control the US? Probably not, but Jane Harmon, Joe Lieberman, Raum Emanuel, Larry Summers, and various other powerful Jewish interests no doubt played a role. Maybe dropping the case is better than pursuing it and losing, but if the case had been pursued, some really bad things might have come out about AIPAC and Israel even though they would have won the case. This way it all stays covered up.

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