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Scarborough & Mika Suck Up to Immelt

On yesterday’s “Morning Joe” Eliot Spitzer criticized the New York Fed’s decision to have GE CEO Jeff Immelt as a public member of its board. On the show and in his column, Spitzer criticized Immelt for being a public representative because GE had benefited from the US government’s largess. In his column, Spitzer says that by participating in program under which the US stands behind GE debt, GE saved billions of dollars that it would otherwise have incurred in issuing that debt. In the public mind, such largess is no doubt perceived as part of the “bailout” whether or not GE actually received cash, or just government guarantees.

Today, Joe and Mika made a totally suck up apology to Immelt for Spitzer’s comments that did not actually deal with Spitzer’s criticisms. First they talked about how handsome Immelt is. Then they read a GE statement that said GE has received no government bailout, but rather paid money to participate in a program that help liquidity and the commercial paper market. It did not deal with the question of whether by participating in this government [bailout] program it saved billions of dollars.

I was sort of enjoying “Morning Joe,” although I was already put off my Mika’s frequent unabashedly fawning praise of Joe. Now, they both prostrate themselves before the wonderful, mighty, faultless Jeff Immelt. It’s more than I can take. I hope they get big bonuses; they lost at least one viewer. I wonder with Mika’s father thinks about what she’s doing. I’m sure he’s happy she’s making money; he may not be proud of her integrity.

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