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June 2009

MTCR Still Around

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists calls for a missile test ban to supplement the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). Interestingly the article puts the MTCR in the context of the Reykjavik Summit, where Richard Perle famously stopped President Reagan… Read More »MTCR Still Around

Where’s Volker

This article in yesterday’s NYT chronicled the infighting among Obama’s economic advisers, but it didn’t mention Paul Volker. I find that disturbing, because Volker is the only one who has really gotten the US out of an economic mess. Greenspan… Read More »Where’s Volker

NYT Op-Eds

It may happen frequently or infrequently, but it looks like all the authors of op-eds in today’s New York Times are Jewish. Actually, I’m not sure about the guy who did the cartoons of an old graduating class, but his… Read More »NYT Op-Eds