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Elliott Abrams Is Back

I was unhappy to see an op-ed by Elliott Abrams in today’s NYT about Lebanon and Iran. I was going to write a letter to the editor saying that they should have mentioned in his profile that he is a convicted felon; however, according to Wikipedia, he is not a convicted felon. It says that while felony charges were prepared against him for Iran-Contra, he pleaded guilty only to two misdemeanors. It doesn’t sound as good to say that he is a confessed petty criminal. Plus, it says Bush I pardoned him; does that mean he’s no longer guilty even of a misdemeanor?

He has gone on from success to success despite Iran-Contra, serving as a senior official in Bush II’s NSC and now at the Council on Foreign Relations. My opinion of the Council on Foreign Relations just went down several notches.
With all the furor over the recent shooting at the Holocaust Museum, there’s a lot of talk about anti-Semitism. But it’s people like Abrams who stir up anti-Semitism. He’s held high positions in government mainly because he is a Jew with strong Jewish network connections. Another example is Michael Milken, who really is a convicted felon. Now he’s back in the news, hobnobbing with the rich and famous. Bernie Madoff is unlikely to follow in Milken’s and Abram’s footsteps of redemption, because Madoff hurt other Jews, not Gentiles, i.e., he cut his ties to the Jewish old boy network. Another member of the club — Mark Rich, whose pardon by Bill Clinton almost cost Eric Holder his appointment as Obama’s Attorney General.
Apparently it’s okay (politically correct) to complain about the old boy network of white men, but it you say the same thing about Jews, it’s anti-Semitic.

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