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Elliott Abrams Is Bank Again

Elliott Abrams has another op-ed, this time in the WSJ. It, of course, goes totally against Tony Judt’s op-ed on Israeli settlements. He says the US agreed to the settlements that Obama’s administration is now questioning. He’s basically saying that George W. Bush was an unpatriotic, cowardly President who was afraid to stand up to the Israelis. Abrams says in effect, “I put words in Bush’s mouth recognizing the settlement, and he said them.” However, Abrams and Bush failed to bring anything to fruition as a result. Bush kissed Sharon’s ass as instructed by Abrams, but no legal document was signed. They failed. The world has moved on. It’s like Abrams is trying to enforce the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. It’s dead. Get over it!

But all these articles about settlements show that the Israelis are genuinely worried. They have obviously told their Israeli agents to go all out to get the US off this settlements kick. They may succeed; Jews have lots of money and power in the US. But at least for a few shining moments the US seems to be pursuing a policy defined by US interests, rather than Israel’s. Let Elliot Abrams, Bret Stevens, and the rest of the Likudniks on the WSJ editorial page stew for a little while longer.

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