Alan Dershowitz had an op-ed in the July 2 WSJ saying there has to be some flexibility on Israeli settlements so that people already living in them can have babies. It’s a specious argument. Why don’t the settlers start out in larger houses? Or why can’t they move to a new town if they have lots of children? People in American do it all the time, although the housing crisis has somewhat affected Americans’ propensity to move. But what really sets Dershowitz off is linking the settlement issue to Iran. If Israel were to spit in America’s eye over the settlements issue, there are hints that America might be less aggressive in stopping Iran’s nuclear program. He says, “If the Obama administration were to shift toward learning to live with a nuclear Iran and attempt to deny Israel the painful option of attacking its nuclear targets as a last resort, that would be troubling indeed. Thankfully, the Obama administration’s point man on this issue, Dennis Ross, shows no signs of weakening American opposition to a nuclear-armed Iran.” He thanks God for Dennis Ross because Dennis Ross is Jewish, and therefore not exactly unbiased on this issue. It’s pretty clear reading between the lines that what Dershowitz really wants is to kill some Iranians. Dennis Ross has a long history of working on Middle East issues at the State Department under Democrats and Republicans; hopefully he will be more responsible than Dershowitz gives him credit for being.

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