Elizabeth Warren seems to cut to the core of the financial issues facing the country in understandable language, almost unlike everyone else involved in them, alth9ugh Bernanke is not bad either. Watching her on CNBC, she asks straightforward questions but Treasury Sec. Geithner does not answer in the same manner. Nevertheless, Geithner was probably not a bad choice for secretary because he knew what was g9ing on in the banking crisis during the peak of the crisis. He could pick up from Paulson better than anybody else. Once we get through the crisis, there might be a better choice for Secretary. Warren and even the WSJ are pointing out that the government is not passing laws and regulations to fix the loopholes that allowed Wall Street to threaten to destroy the US. It even sounds as if Blankfein at Goldman Sachs is somewhat repentant for Wall Street’s excesses.

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