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Bernanke’s Problems Due to Bankers

The main people responsible for Bernanke’s problems with approval for another term at the Fed are the Wall Street bankers. They were so arrogant and disdainful of the the US Government, the Congress, President Obama, and the American people that there is a strong reaction against Bernanke’s decision to bail them out. People ask, why should be have bailed out such ungrateful people, who brought themselves to the brink of disaster, and who probably did as much economic damage to the US as Osama bin Laden did when he destroyed the twin towers?

Bernanke deserves some credit for saving us from another depression, but he’s sullied by the company he keeps. Wall Street bankers come across as some of the most morally despicable people in the US or even the world.
On Bernanke’s behalf, he could go to work for these sleazeballs in New York and probably increase his income by 10 to 100 times. He could easily be making over $10 million on Wall Street. We should be grateful that he’s willing to stay on as Fed Chairman.

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