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Memorial Day – Who Cares?

There’s all this furor over Richard Blumenthal’s claims about Vietnam service. As I said, I don’t really care. Blumenthal supports veterans and looks favorably on Vietnam service. In that respect he is a welcome change from the majority of Americans who still despise Vietnam service. The thing that gets me is the Swift boat movement that attacked John Kerry for his service on Swift boats in Vietnam. The Swift boaters are the people who really hate America. They attack someone for serving his country and make it a bad thing.

I was not even a Kerry supporter. I was for Howard Dean, and when the Democrats dropped him, I voted for Ralph Nader. But the Swift boat movement made me realize that being a Vietnam veteran is a lost cause. Kerry did all right because he had some money and connections and then married more money and connections twice. But the average veteran ended up disadvantaged vis-a-vis his cohorts who did not serve. The Swift boaters made that clear. I thought that was one of the lowest, most unpatriotic attacks ever.
I heard some pundit say that a lot of the Tea Party impetus comes from the old Swift boat attack groups. If that’s so, I can’t see ever having anything to do with them. I already have this picture of many of them as retirees on Medicare and Social Security saying, “The government better keep its hands off of my Medicare and Social Security.” Where do they think their Medicare and Social Security come from?

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