There is so much negative commentary about President Obama these days, that I’m just saying that I still support him. I think that he, more than most in Congress, is doing what he thinks is best for America, rather than what is best for his party, for him personally, or for his fat cat donors. That’s one reason the commentariat is so full of talk about Democratic candidates who are mad at him. They put there political careers above the nation’s interests.

On the Daily Show, former President Clinton tried to defend the health care plan. But you can’t defend it with people who don’t love their neighbors. As I see the Tea Party people, they say, “I choose that my children die so that I can live six months or a year longer.” Nobody faces up to the fact that much of Medicare expense is for the last six months of life. Tea Partyers won’t give up anything so that more younger people can get health care.
The talking heads are also down on Obama for the war in Afghanistan. I’m not really in favor of the war, but I support him on what he is doing. My view is that he is giving the military some time to redeem itself. Under Bush, the military botched Afghanistan badly because Bush pulled all the troops out to go to Iraq. In addition, it sounds as if the military had Osama bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora in late 2001, but chickened out and failed to go after him with all of its resources. The whole purpose of the Afghan war was to get Osama bin Laden; the failure to get him was one of the most ignominious defeats in US military history, although not in terms of casualties, since the US didn’t commit any troops. Osama bin Laden punched Bush in the nose on 9/11, and Bush ran home crying. Obama is trying to redeem America’s honor. It seems to matter only to the soldiers who fought there and whose honor is at stake. The average American is totally disengaged from the war and doesn’t care about America’s honor.
Ironically, Glenn Beck’s restoring honor mall fiasco totally missed the point. Glenn Beck is only interested in restoring honor to himself. The troops make a useful patriotic backdrop, as they did for Bush, nothing more.

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