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Jon Stewart vs. Obama

This column from the Washington Post pretty much sums up the commentary about Pres. Obama’s appearance on the “Daily Show.” It was Stewart versus Obama, and Stewart won. He made the President look like an ignorant fool, although the Republicans and unhappy Democrats will say that Obama made himself look like a fool.

But the problem is that Obama is not a fool. He is an intelligent guy trying to run an unruly country that is in trouble. Its business model for the last 50 years no longer works, and nobody is sure if there is a new model that can support the American lifestyle. The Republicans have a model: “Give us your money!” They want no taxes, no restraint on business. Unbridled greed is the Republican model. And for some reason many Americans like that.
Obama is trying to defend the middle and lower classes, but it appears to be a losing battle. By declaring war on Obama, Jon Stewart seems to have forgotten that Bill and Hillary failed to get any health care reform. The Republicans don’t care about some compromise that might be good for America; they just want to win power. We don’t have a pubic option in the health care bill because the Republicans kept it out, not because Obama didn’t want it.
While Obama did not serve in the military, he did serve his community. The Republicans ridiculed his being a community organizer, but it meant that he cared about other people. When he graduated from the Ivy League, he could have gone the big money route, a Wall Street law firm, or corporate law, but he didn’t. To some extent he remembered his roots. Republican roots are in the board room and the country club. The Republican establishment has no concept of serving the greater good, although many Republicans do, many of them moderates, or single issue voters on gay issues, or abortion or immigration, not focused on the overarching Republican agenda of making the rich richer. It’s sad that Jon Stewart advanced this Republican agenda.

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