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Impolite Politicians

Political discourse has become so bitter, it’s hard to see how anyone can remain civil.

Last night I was shocked at how impolite Sen. Orrin Hatch was to Judy Woodruff on PBS’ Newshour. He insulted HHS Secretary Sebelius, saying, “She just doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” He was sarcastic, responding to one of Judy Woodruff’s questions with, “Oh, isn’t that wonderful?” And, “That’s what I call bull corn.” And later, “I see a middle ground…. They ought to trash the bill and get rid of it.”

Interestingly, the New York Times had a tongue-in-cheek op-ed today on a civility course on Arizona. If there were such a thing, Sen. Hatch and his colleagues should enroll in it.

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