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Fox News vs. Public Broadcasting

Fox News has become the dominant cable news channel. Its main rival is Public Broadcasting. The major networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — have basically given up on news. They have almost no overseas bureaus. Richard Engel seems to be covering three wars single-handedly now. Their half-hour national news program focus disproportionately on “happy” news, even when something terrible like the Japanese earthquake or the Libyan civil war takes place. The New York Times — and to a lesser extent the Washington Post and the LA Times — are about the only other counterpoint to Fox News. If Fox News can destroy PBS, it will rule the airwaves.

Fox News of course is not “fair and balanced.” It’s a propaganda mouthpiece for Republican right wing views. Stalin would be pleased that the Reagan Republicans who criticized the old Soviet Union so severely now have emulated the Soviet propaganda machine; Fox News is the American Pravda. Thus, it’s not surprising that the Republicans are introducing bills to cut off funding for NPR. It would eliminate Fox’s main competition. It’s a two-fer. Fox makes more money because it becomes more prominent, and the Republican viewpoint has less competition.

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