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Bankers Pay Obama for Dumping Warren

Bloomberg reports that JP Morgan and other banks are among the top donors to Obama’s campaign.  Obama has sold out to the bankers.  For me Obama’s  most egregious act was throwing Elizabeth Warren under the bus.  Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan led the campaign against her, and now he is paying Obama for dumping her.  It’s good for Morgan, good for Obama, bad for America, and bad for the middle class.  Jamie Dimon has said that his bank does not want to do business with anyone who has less than $100,000 in his account.  Obama has sold out the majority of his supporters for Wall Street money, figuring that the middle class has nowhere else to go.  Right now the only thing that would get me to vote for Obama is for the Republicans to nominate Rick Santorum.  America is becoming the Roman Empire.  Nero start fiddling!  Caligula start partying!  Let’s run a budget deficit of $5 trillion; who cares?  America ranks 34th in infant mortality according to Wikipedia.  The Republicans are against birth control and abortion because they love to kill babies after they are born.  This is NOT a great country.

Bloomberg has recently posted a story about how many payday lenders are supporting Romney, because he has pledged to overturn Dodd-Frank, which under the leadership of Elizabeth Warren, cracked down on payday lenders and other unscrupulous loan businesses through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which Warren created. 

It’s interesting that the big banks, like JP Morgan, have responded to the new regulations by supporting Obama for getting rid of Warren, while the little guys, like the payday lenders, have responded by supporting Romney, hoping to get rid of the regulation entirely. 

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