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Sorry for Fareed

I am so sorry that Fareed Zakaria plagiarized something from the New Yorker, according to Politico, and then got caught by the NRA.  The NRA is an unscrupulous, mean-spirited organization that lords itself over our political establishment.  That they got an intelligent liberal like Fareed will scare the less brave liberals in government.  It’s like Parade Magazine’s report of Grover Norquist fighting with a good man like George H.W. Bush because he went back on his pledge to not raise taxes. 

I hope that Fareed will continue to fight the good fight against the NRA and for intelligent, liberal policies to be pursued by the US Government. 

After comparing what is supposed to be plagiarized, I’m less concerned about Fareed.  Technically they got him, but in fact he gave credit to the real source of the information, a book by Adam Winkler.  The New York Times has a comparison of the texts.  He pretty much copied Ms. Lepore’s summary of Winkler’s book, but he didn’t really copy any of her original ideas.  He could have read the book and come up with more or less the same summary.  This is sort of like “plagiarism lite,” but it will be a stain on Fareed’s reputation, and the NRA will be happy about that. 

In any case I will miss him in Time and on CNN. 

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