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Punishing America for Fareed’s Mistake

I saw on the CNN summary for Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show last Sunday that he had planned to have Gen. Colin Powell talk about Syria and other international issues.  The NRA and the Republicans succeeded in muffling a reasonable voice on foreign policy by putting Fareed off the air for one paragraph that may have accidentally been plagiarized.  The show was dropped and apparently will be off the air for at least a month.  Cancelling his show is sort of like cutting off your nose to spite your face.  Candy Crowley is not bad, but by focusing on politics, she is caught up in a bunch of nasty people calling each other nasty names, while important stuff is going on overseas — Syria, Iran, the Euro crisis — but is not being covered by anybody, now that Fareed is barred from TV.  I hope CNN gets whatever it was they wanted from Karl Rove, maybe $100 million more in campaign ads for the Republicans.  Is Time-Warner’s grovelling to the Republican establishment less culpable than Fareed’s paragraph? 

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